DELL case study strategy analysis

Read the DELL case study provided carefully and answer the following three questions
1. (20 Marks) From your reading of the Dell Case Study ;
a- Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of Dell?
b- What are the forces shaping Dell’s environment?
2. (15 Marks) How do the IT systems of Dell Support the Business Strategy
3. (15 Marks) In the conclusion, the author indicates that “The system helps the company create strategies that
will help the company conquer any problems and threats from competitors” ;
a- Having identified the weaknesses and threats facing dell previously, what strategies must Dell develop to
overcome competitors’ threats and mitigate internal weaknesses
b- Dell tried moving from a full Build-to-Order Model to a classical distribution model (through retail stores)
and failed. Can you elaborate on the reasons for this (Market/business) strategy failure to compete at the retail
level and why dell abandoned the retail channel and went back to its current business model of direct sale

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