Death penalty

Death penalty is still one of the most sought after controversial topic in the American public and around the world. It is controversial because it defines what capital punishment ought to be and it as with anything else; we have those who are for it, while many others are against it due to its deprivation of human rights and dignities.

While this topic is broad in nature, this paper will examine an important aspect of the premise whether the death penalty deter crime.  Many factors will play important role in this capital punishment and its constitutionality and more importantly, can this factor or factors help us understand that if we deploy death penalty in all states and in many parts of the world, lower our crime rates or eliminate it all at once.
We may start comparing states with death penalty before and after and compare the results with many other states and determine if we have succeeded at restoring justice and peace among all of us or these death penalty criminals realize that their chances of getting executed is very slim if caught and continue on their criminal activities anyway.

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