Dance Research Paper

This research paper will critically discuss/analyze your current aesthetic (personal
taste/style/preference/interest) within dance. Please consider what resonates with you, as well as what you do
not feel interested in. Use at least two examples of choreography or dance artistic process to
illustrate/explore your position. Are you interested in the movement of a particular artist, the culture
surrounding the movement, the artist as a person, the form within which he/she is working? Why? How do these
elements influence each other? Are you compelled by the way that a dance looks and/or the broader function
that it serves? You can use the work of artists whom we have discussed in class or artists whom we have not
covered in class. If you are having a hard time finding dances/artists that you are interested in, please come
talk to me and I will help you brainstorm.

Consider how you might start your project with questions and how these questions can guide your research. Play
with clear and thorough description (body/space/time/energy/what you see), in depth critical analysis, context
for ways of understanding/questioning, and the development of ideas. How can you locate your aesthetic within
the broader context of American culture today? Use supporting research to contextualize your aesthetic. Be
creative with how you arrive at the complete content of your paper. Consider how your questions can lead you
to unexpected research and discovery. Make sure you choose creative work that is actually compelling to you
and consider how you can bring your curiosity into your writing.

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