Cyber Crime Task Force Plan

You have been an investigator for the St. Louis Police Department for many years. Recent surges in cyber crime have caused your police department to consider developing a cyber crime task force to combat the rising number of cyber thefts in St. Louis County jurisdictions. The police commissioner recognizes that you are a top investigator and appoints you to lead the new cyber crime task force. The commissioner says to you “Build a cyber crime task force. Tell us [a] what the greatest cyber threats are, [b] what you need to establish a cyber crime task force, and [c] what legislation we should push for to stop these cyber crimes.”

In nine double-spaced pages, excluding the title page and reference page develop a cyber crime task force plan for St. Louis County in Missouri. Use research from the Internet and the Ashford Online Library to identify cyber crime investigative strategies and task force developments around the country. Identify techniques, tools, and organizational structures used by other law enforcement agencies to determine which ones will be most useful for your task force. Use the following outline to produce your plan for the St. Louis police commissioner:

Executive Summary of Cyber Crime Task Force Plan (one paragraph)
Cyber crime threats in St. Louis County
What are the greatest cyber crime threats that St. Louis County is currently facing or likely to face in the near future? (Use data and statistics from outside the course text.)
Which three types of cyber crime will be the top priorities for the task force?
Cyber Crime Task Force Structure
Which organizational structure will the task force utilize?
What personnel and skills will the task force need to investigate the top three cyber threats?
Which federal agencies in the St. Louis area should the task force develop relationships with in order to be effective?
Cyber Crime Task Force Equipment
Which types of equipment, technologies, and items should the police commissioner acquire for the Cyber Crime Task Force?
What is needed to develop a cyber crime lab capable of performing cyber forensics?
Why are these systems important?
Cyber Crime Legislation
In order to pursue cyber criminals, what legislation and provisions should be developed in St. Louis County to increase local law enforcement capacity for investigating cyber crime?
Where should these laws be passed?

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