crime and community level factors

Students are required to conduct a research project in which they compare two or more local communities in relation to an issue covered in the class. You are to visit and research the neighborhoods. For example, you can compare the kinds of housing and lot-sizes are available in each neighborhood: Is there a “gated community” or something similar in the area? What is the average price of a home there? What stores or restaurants are in each neighborhood? Are there banks or ATM machines in all areas? Compare the price of a staple item (milk, diapers, etc.) in stores in each neighborhood. You may want to create a community map. Who are the people who tend to live in the various neighborhoods? In general, what are their professions: white-collar, blue-collar, or working poor. What differences do you find in terms of costs, facilities, stores, banking outlets, and so forth? Are there people in the area who are homeless? These are just some questions to get you started thinking, but remember even though you have wide latitude in selecting themes/focal points, your paper should demonstrate how a criminological theorist would addresses the overarching/integrative questions about the specific issue that you undertake with regard to the two neighborhoods.

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