Cost-Benefit Analyses of Spending on Medical Technology elasticity of demand



Discuss about the elasticity of demand for medical technology and how it can be imbedded in of the methods of
cost-benefit analysis (use the general equation for elasticity of demand =%?Health/%?Health Spending on medical
technology)? its super important that you find this data

The pros and the cons of using medical technology
What are the pros? What about ineffectiveness of some medical technology. Take about case studies done on various
types of medical technology. What are the findings based on the case studies
Methods of analyzing cost benefit analyses
Economic tools in evaluating the cost benefit. What are the implicit and explicit cost that must be taken into
account? How do we measure the cost of medical technology?
What are the benefits and how do we measure these so-called benefits? What are the determinants of good health?
Perhaps using the cost effectiveness analyses and cost utility analyses can help determine the actual benefit.
QALYs analysis used in some of the case studies, what are some advantages and disadvatages of using QALYs?

Examples from case studies
Talk about the case studies and comparing the data. Conclusion of each case studies

Combine all the information together and determine the cost-benefit of spending on medical technology. Which
method tells that medical technology is worth investing? Which one said that maybe it is too costly and we should
not be investing in medical technology?

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