company crises

Pick crises which you are fimilier with from this web site below
1. Critically review the principles of emergency planning with respect to preparedness for response and recovery
from natural and man-made disasters
2. Analyse the key elements of potential conflict to disaster resolution arising from the various agency
management structures
3. Evaluate the role of media in disaster response
Crisis managers benefit from understanding how crisis communication can be used to protect reputational assets
during a crisis. Coombs’s Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT) offers a framework for understanding this
dynamic. In relation to the News Corporation phone hacking scandal use the model to evaluate News
Corporation’s communications strategy in relation to the SCCT framework and answer the following questions.

1. What response strategies did News Corporation utilise?
2. What was the dominant, or most frequently used, crisis communication strategy from the SCCT?
3. Who was News Corporation most frequently used directed speaker?
4. How did message strategies vary among speakers?
5. How did message strategies vary over time?
6. How did News Corporation follow the SCCT model in response strategy selection?

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