Code of Federal Regulations

1. Access the Code of Federal Regulations through the Federal Digital System of the U.S. Government Printing Office at Follow these steps to find the appropriate section of the regulations:

• At the Federal Digital System main page, select Code of Federal Regulations.
• At the next page, choose the previous (not the current) year from the drop-down
menu and click “Go.”
• Scroll down to Title 42, “Public Health” and click “Download”.
• Hospice regulations are found in Part 418 of Title 42, so click on your preferred format (PDF recommended) for the range of “Parts” that includes 418.
• Search for Section 418.104, which contains the requirements for hospice clinical records.
How might a hospice health information manager use this document?

2. Visit the Victoria Hospice Society’s Web site at to view and read about the Palliative Performance Scale. What three purposes might the Palliative Performance Scale serve?



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