Coach/ Mentoring Reflection Paper

Review the Coach/Mentor List of Questions developed below

Conduct a focus group of at least two teachers regarding their expectations of characteristics and types of
support offered by an effective coach or mentor. Document participant responses.

Prepare a reflection paper that addresses the ways you utilized active listening skills
1. Is the mentor/coach an individual of personal integrity, whether the dealings are honest and he/she has the
capacity to win trust?
2. Is he/she a person of passion committed to the goals and has a vision about the future accomplishments?
3. Is he/she willing to learn more in the process of teaching?
4. Is he/she enthusiastic and committed to the assignments?
5. Is he/she solution-oriented or problem solving- oriented? Is he willing to delegate the responsibilities and
empower others?
6. Does he/she understand the processes of reformation and transformation well? Is he/she a catalyst?
7. Does he/she have the will to grow and has the capacity to make others grow by identifying their interests? Does
he/she strive for excellence and individual perfection, without intermission?
8. Does he/she possess good communication skills? Does he/she discuss the issues to the point at the same time,
driving home messages that they intend to convey. Is he/she a good negotiator, or adamant about their conclusions?
9. What are his/her disposition and the method of interaction? Is he/she co-operative, kind and generous? Is
he/she the commanding type or willing to serve others?
10. Is his/she approach cautionary? Is he/she confident or over-confident? Can they judge the pros and cons of a  complicated issue well?

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