Childhood Dreams vs Reality

1. write a paper comparing and contrasting your wants and desires as a kid as they relate to your wants and
desires now, as an adult.
2. write a paper comparing and contrasting a past belief to a present belief; for example, the parents you had
vs. the parent you became.
3. write a paper explaining how a kid understanding of hero or superhero changed into an adult understanding of
real world people. For example, as a kid you believed in a superhero, as an adult you see superheroes everywhere.
4. write about a dream you desired as a kid that you are STILL pursuing, even if the vision has changed a
5. write about how a former dream of your got shot to shit, and you’ve had to reinvent yourself and revise your
6. write about how a negative experience in your past as a kid (like bullying) actually helped push you to be
a better person or prove the asshats wrong later in life.
7. juxtapose the effects of one person or groups’ dreams on another person or groups’ dreams – positive or
8. write about how dreams of others inspired you, or how losing or gaining your own dreams inspires others.
9. write about how your former kid dreams have matured and changed as you’ve hit adult realization




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