Business management – responsible business

1. Introduction; briefly outline purpose, aims and objectives of the report (100 words)

2. Brieflyconsiderwhat constitutes ‘responsible business’ (300 – 400 words).
There are diverse interpretations of this concept and youare expected to draw on a range of academic and
practitioner sources to reflect this range of views and interpretations. It will also be relevant to compare/
contrast/ contextualise the term ‘responsible business’ with other related concepts such as corporate
responsibility, sustainability/sustainable business, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility
3.Choose oneof the term 1lecture topics listed below, then review, and evaluate its influences on approaches
to business (800 – 1000 words).
You should chooseoneof the following topics from term 1 (note that Political Drivers of Responsible Business
are considered in part 4 of this brief):
– Ecological Issues
– Ethical Business
– Social Enterprise
– Social and Ethical Capital
– Ethical Consumerism
– Responsible Business and Competitive Advantage
– Pressure Groups
– Corporate Governance.
For the review and evaluation of your chosen topic, you should draw on relevant examples to:
– Explain the nature of the topic/issue
– Discuss its significance and impacton business behaviour in society (bear in mind that impact can be direct
and/or indirect).
You should find that the tutorial(s) and worksheet(s) material related to your chosen topic provides a useful
basis for your in-depth topic review and evaluation, always bearing in mind the assessment criteria outlined
below (for example, on use of academic material).However, the topic review and evaluation should reflect your
own individual research on the topic, not just lecture and tutorial material.
4. Evaluate the role of Government as an influencer/enabler or barrier to responsible business approaches, and
in relation to your chosen topic (300 – 500 words).
While you should focus your discussion on Government and your chosen topic, these are likely to overlap with
some or all of the other topics covered during term 1.
5. Conclusion; briefly summarise the main points from within the report (300 words)
Throughout your report you must draw on appropriate academic concepts, models and the general academic
literature in this subject area; see further guidelines below. Little or no reference to theory will result in
a fail.
Submit one report with a word limit of 2000 words (+ or – 10%), point 12 font, single spaced. Specify the
word count at the end of the report. (NB. Diagrams do not add to the word count and, if relevant to the text,
should be included in the text.)
The electronic and hard copy submission date for The Individual Report is Wednesday 9 January 2013. Submit
your report electronically via the Turnitin Assignments link on the unit Moodle page and place a hard copy of
your report in the relevant Undergraduate assignment submission box on the ground floor of the Business
Additional Information
Individual Report brief – further guidelines
Whist the format requested is business report style, the assignment should also be strongly academic in
content. In other words, a high level of intellectual content is expected, with referencing to appropriate
and wide ranging background sources of material (books, specialist reports, academic journal articles,
websites, government data, etc). When drawing on the ideas of others in your work, you should look towards
presenting critical analyses of differing arguments from across the range of opinion. The report should
contain a balance of factual evidence, theory and concepts, reasoned argument plus where appropriate your own
critical observations. The latest Business School referencing standard guidelines are attached to this brief.
Remember to make use of the relevant lecture and tutorial worksheet material from term 1 of the unit, and be
analytical (not descriptive) in your approach. This will be facilitatedby drawing on, for example industry
standards and other frameworks for comparison as well as theoretical concepts and models. Use independent,
expert secondary sources for your review and evaluation.
Your answers should be in business report format. Your tutor will assess the report against the assessment
criteria below.



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