Bus Riders Union video


1. The Bus Riders Union video is a favorite of mine. It shows how community members increased their strategy
levels as they moved throughout the campaign. Let’s talk about the video. In particular, I want to hear your
reactions and then I want you to identify a strategy and discuss its effectiveness. Use Ohmer as your guide. (you
will need to go to www.youtube.com and look for The Bus Riders Union video, the video is an hour long and in 3
2. The idea of an outsider versus an insider organizer came up during our week 2 discussion. Now that you’ve read
about social capital this week, I would like for you to use Green and Haines’, page 147, discussion of bonding and
bridging social capital to dive into this topic. Discuss the pluses and minuses of having an outsider vs insider
organizer using bonding and bridging capital.
3. Question is taken from Haines pg. 139.Using census data and other local sources of information, try to
determine what a living wage would be in your community. What percentage of the population in the community is not
earning a living wage? What is your reaction to this data?( you can google search: www.jacksonms.gov..or goggle
jackson,ms, just throwing out some options for you) My books are: Ohmer and Demasi Consensus Organizing, A
community development workbook: a comprehensive guide to designing, implementng and evaluating communiy chnge
initiatives Chapters 6-8 and Green and Haines: Asset Building and Community Development 3rd edition Chapters 6-8.

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