Building Business: Design exercise and justification Building Business: Design exercise and justification

Section One: The creation of a budgeted improvement strategy document for the existing online business within an organisation of your choice.
Outline plans should be suitable for presentation to a potential manager or investor and can in bulleted list form.

Section Two: An extensive justification document justifying academically all the design choices using as many state of the art e-business ideas you have learned in the module. You should link and integrate all the discussions from your budgeted improvement strategy document with the appropriate sections of the justification document that justifies your decisions made and proposed.

The following headings are indicative of what should be included and provide a guideline of the maximum length:

a.    Management summary including outline budget estimate
b.    Outline of proposed idea
c.    Review against competitors / similar ideas
d.    Top-level technology plan including choices for technology components
e.    Website improvement strategy to increase the influence for customers to buy
f.    Story board for user experience
g.    Security management and technology decisions
h.    Critical review of feasibility


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