Bridging the two worlds-The organizational dilemma

Bridging the Two Worlds–The Organizational Dilemma, on pp. 460-461 in your text book. Reflecting on the
materials we have covered so far, answer the following questions.

(1) As the case progresses, it is obvious that the main character develops rapport and a good working
relationship with individuals working on the shop floor. Which sources of power (p292) does the main character
have or develop? (make sure to explain how/why he utilizes these sources) Which contingencies of power (p295)
affect the level of influence he has on shop floor employees?
(2) Communication is key in influencing others, resolving conflict, and displaying good leadership skills.
What barriers to effective communication existed in this organization? What steps did the main character take
to improve communication? What would you recommend the organization do to fix this problem in the long run?
(3) It is obvious that conflict and confrontation have occurred between management and shop floor
employees in this organization. Discuss at least two of the sources of conflict in organizations (p322) that
could have led to these conflicts. For each source, give a suggestion to improve the situation.
(4) Using the competency perspective of leadership (p352), discuss which competencies the main character
displayed or lacked? Would you consider him a good leader based on this leadership perspective?
(5) Describe the actions of the main character in this case study using Path-Goal Theory (p358). What
leadership behaviors were displayed? What employee and environmental contingencies affected the outcomes?



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