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Each post is an exercise in critical thinking that should include three equal parts. 1) what you think of the reading and why 2) what might be another way to see it [possibly referencing your classmates posts’ or class discussion] 3) creative resolution or rumination extension of the first two tips: – be as specific as possible [quotes dont count towards the 350 word count] – be as clear as possible and concise as possible – edit out cliches, filler and generalities – dialogue with others and reference them, but be original – go for the intellectual rather than the personal, though they may overlap – faith and no faith are both [in part] intellectual positions– what you beleieve or dont beleive is subject to intellectual scrutiny in this class – take risks, be creative Grading: “well” means doign all 3 parts equally plus using the above tips i need this within 24 hours! i really wanted you to work on it. if you cant complete it within that deadline i need to know! thanks I dont have the file sorry.

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