Bioarchaeological Investigations at Berkchister Parish

1. List three lines of evidence (1 sentence each) that people’s general health status changed through time at the
Berkchister Parish Church site. (Example: The frequency of rickets increased from 6.9% in the Neolithic sample to
8.2% in the Medieval sample.) Do not at this point interpret (i.e., explain) why the changes occurred. Simply
describe what changes are evident based on the skeletal record. In your response, please number the three pieces
of evidence.

2. Write two general research questions that might explain why health changed through time at Berkchister Parish.
(Consider what might explain changes in the types of diseases, illness, or injury you list for #1.) Please label
the questions “RQ1” and “RQ2”.

3. Generate two specific, alternative hypotheses (1 sentence each) that could be used to test the evidence
regarding how and why health changed through time at Berkchister Parish. These should be based on your research
questions and should not be in the form of a null hypothesis (



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