Aviation safety program for commercial airline or government agency

prepare and submit paper on how they would structure a portion of an
Aviation Safety program for a commercial airline or government agency.

1. Explain the evolution of Federal aviation safety laws and
regulations and describe their effectiveness in improving the safety of
flight in air carrier operations.
2. Evaluate the various methods of how safety is measured and the
current safety data systems, and compare and contrast their capabilities and
limitations in measuring safety.
3. Categorize the types of human errors that are causal factors in
aircraft accidents and assess the effectiveness of what is being
accomplished to reduce human error.
4. Identify and assess the many safety practices and procedures that
are used in aircraft ground operations to reduce the number and type of
accidents and injuries.
5. Design a risk management program that can be applied to the
management of flying and non-flying segments of the aviation industry.
6. Explain how Occupational Safety and Health standards and
Environmental Protection Agency regulations effect ground operations and
their economical accomplishment.
7. Propose and explain the duties and responsibilities of safety
managers within the airlines and defend the expense of this position within
the aviation industry.
8. Compare and contrast the available key elements of a safety program
and develop a basic effective aviation safety program for a flying
organization including risk management.

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