aspect of the year 1968 contributed to it being a unique year in world history

1968: The Year That Rocked the World

Write a brief essay about how some aspect
of the year 1968 contributed to it being a
unique year in world history.

1) In the first paragraph of your essay,
include a thesis statement. This can take the
form of “___ contributed to 1968 being a
unique year in world history.”

The topic of the essay—what you fill in the
blanks with—can be any topic of your
choosing, so long as you support it in the rest
of the essay. Examples you can use are:
media, television, magazines, newspapers,
youth, students, demonstrations, protests,
attempts to suppress protests, U.S.
presidential campaigns, drugs, Black Power,
conservative politics, the Vietnam War,
violence, etc.

Later in this paragraph indicate what the
essay will do. In your own words, indicate
that you will be quoting information from the
Mark Kurlansky’s book 1968: The Year That
Rocked the World and from a document from
the 1960s to prove your point.

2.) In the next paragraph, briefly summarize
a passage in the Kurlansky book that
supports your first-paragraph claim that
your topic made 1968 a unique year in
world history. You may also briefly quote
from Kurlansky to help make your claim. Be
sure to indicate the page(s) on which you
found the information. You can do this with a
brief parenthetical reference with page
number, e.g., (Kurlansky, 263).

3.) In the third paragraph, briefly summarize
a passage that you find in a document that
supports your first-paragraph claim that
your topic made 1968 a unique year in

world history. Be sure to name the document
you use in this paragraph.

You can choose from one of these documents
below that can be found in the course
Blackboard site, under the Content tab, in a
folder called documents for HIST 113:
? Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Speech
? Martin Luther King’s letter from Birmingham
Jail (1963)
? Students for a Democratic Society’s Port
Huron Statement (1962)
? Kerner Commission Report (1968)
? Lady Bird Johnson’s March 31, 1968 diary
? Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth
? Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul on Ice (1968)
? the Black Panther Party platform (1966)
? Robert F. Kennedy’s speech on the
assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
? Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
? Tom Hayden’s “Two, Three, Many
Columbias” (1968)
? Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber’s The
American Challenge (1967)
? Richard M. Nixon’s address accepting the
presidential nomination at the Republican
National Convention (1968)
? Daniel Walker’s Rights in Conflict (1969)
? Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique

4.) In the last paragraph summarize what
you have said in the previous 3 paragraphs.
This is a good place to re-state your thesis
that “___contributed to 1968 being a unique
year in world history.”

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a. Locating a passage in an appropriate
document may be the best first step to
take in completing this assignment.
b. Then find a passage related to the
documents in the Kurlansky book. (Most of
the documents are directly mentioned in
the Kurlansky book.)
c. Write your thesis. (Say what the essay is
about—what the document and Kurlansky
passage have in common.)
d. Add other introductory material to the first
e. In your final paragraph, rephrase the
thesis and introductory material.

Your paper should be:
? 1 to 2 pages in length
? double-spaced with 1” margins
? in a standard font, such as 12-point
Times New Roman or Garamond.

The assignment is worth 50 points, or 12.5%
of your semester grade:
10 points: thesis & introductory paragraph
15 points: information from Kurlansky book
15 points: information from document
5 points: concluding paragraph
5 points: mechanics (grammar, readability,
format, etc.)

A note on academic honesty: Presenting the
words or ideas of someone else as if they
were your own constitutes plagiarism, which
is a serious offense. The professor will give a
grade of 0 to projects that show evidence of
plagiarism. There are several allowable
ways to indicate that you have borrowed
words or ideas.  IF YOU HAVE ANY

This assignment fulfills course objectives HSO
1–3; FSO 1–2, 6–8, & 10; and SALO 1–3,
as well as developing an outline of world
history of the 1960s, especially in the
context of world events, communicating
interpretations of historical events, analyzing
historical sources, and improving written
communication skills. (See the HIST 113
syllabus, pages 2–3.)


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