Art History

A. Egyptian geographical area:
a. Differences between the red and the lack land,
b. The importance of the Nile
i. how does the Nile fit into Egyptian myth and so forth?
c. What kinds of animals inhabit the Nile and surrounding areas that may appear in Egyptian mythology?
i. crocodile
ii. hippo
iii. monkey
iv. ibis
d. Compare two or three cities form upper and lower Egypt to exemplify how diverse was the landscape.

A. History of Ancient Egypt leading up to the dynasty of King Zjoser:
a. What are the differences between the dynasties as exemplified in art?
b. Social structure of Egypt
i. Pharaohs
ii. Scribes
iii. Priests
iv. Artisans
v. Slaves and so forth
A. The Step Pyramid of King Zjoser:
a. Materials
b. Structure: mastaba, serdab, ka statue, plus engaged columns are found there
c. Symbolism
c. What could have been some of the things found excavated there?
i. jewelry
ii. masks
iii. ceramics

A. How does the The Step Pyramid compare with other buildings of a similar theme (all below are funerary in
a. Giza
b. Abu Simbel
c. Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut



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