Application: Establishing Clear Learning Goals for Differentiated Lessons

As this week’s Learning Resources emphasized, before you can differentiate instruction, it is important to
identify and clearly communicate essential learning goals and expectations to your students. In the upcoming
weeks, you will have an opportunity to plan lessons that will help your students achieve these content goals and

Throughout the course, you will develop three differentiated lesson plans: one based on student readiness; one
based on student interest; and one based on student learning profile. You will use the Differentiated Instruction
(DI) Lesson Plan Template, linked below, to develop your lesson plans.

Differentiated Instruction (DI) Lesson Plan Template

consider how you will include each of the following research-based practices in one or more of your lesson plans:
Integration of technology
Collaboration with members of a professional learning community
Working with families and communities to support student learning
Data-informed instruction
Important Note: Using a constructivist approach to learning, you and your colleagues will share resources and
ideas related to these practices in Week 4.

From a unit plan you created prior to this course, choose three separate lessons with clear goals and expectations
that you would like to further develop in this course. Next, identify what you want all students to know (K),
understand (U), and be able to do (D) by the end of each lesson, based on the larger goals outlined in your unit
plan. As you determine these learning goals, keep in mind that you may expect some students to achieve these goals
with a greater level of complexity, depth, or skill. For each lesson plan you will determine three KUDs that will
become part of your completed plans for Weeks 4, 5, and 6.

Using the DI Lesson Plan Template, complete Part 1: KUDs for each of the three lessons from the unit:
Differentiated Lesson Based on Student Readiness, Differentiated Lesson Based on Student Interest, and
Differentiated Lesson Based on Student Learning Profile. Be sure to title each lesson, and complete all elements
of Part 1:
Grade Level
Curricular Area
Established Goals
High-Quality Curriculum (KUDs)
Finally, with all three lessons in mind, consider why it is important to identify and clearly communicate
essential learning goals and expectations. How might students achieve these goals differently?



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