analyzing a dance

analyzing a dance

Dances are works of art; therefore, the titles of sections of dances should be enclosed in quotation marks (e.g. “Pas de Deux” from Swan Lake) The names of ballets and modern dance works are printed in italics, such Revelations or Giselle
The Dance:
Choreographer: Biographical summary of the person and his/her work
Performance of the work: Company, performance space, date of premiere, and important dancers in the performance
Composer: Brief paragraph identifying the person and his/her musical work
Importance of this work in relation to the choreographer’s other contributions
Role or importance of this piece in the history of dance (identify the date of the first performance)
Critique Instructions continued:
Choreographer’s tools:
??Space, Energy and dynamics, temporal qualities, (fast or slow),
??Clarity of the dance (clear movement statements reinforced through ??contrasting movement or repetition)
Form of Dance: Reflecting on the dance, explain how the following elements contributed to the dance:
Unity: How did the dance hold together considering its overall concept?
Contrast: The use of opposite qualities or elements in the work.
Variety: The use of the same or similar qualities or elements in different forms.
Repetition: The manner in which the choreographic elements are restated
Transition: The way in which one movement, phrase or section of dance is connected to the next.
Climax:?The point to which the dance builds, followed by a resolution which usually occurs close to the end of the dance.
Musical accompaniment for the dance
Describe the music or sound accompaniment of the dance.
Describe the quality and dynamics of the music.
Did the choreography mirror the music or sound or did the movements contrast the accompaniment.
Was the music supportive of the choreography?
Dancer’s performance: Describe the effectiveness of the dancers in relation to the choreography:
Quality and skill of movement execution.
Performance conviction and presence.
Ability to change roles from one dance to another.
Production elements:
Analyze the effectiveness of the theatrical elements in their relation to the dance:
Note the Designers of these theatrical elements:
Lighting design
Music or sound accompaniment


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