analytical and evaluative study of the causes of strategic failure or problems in managing corporate the strategy of either Daimler-Benz or Chrysler in the period 1996 to 2001.

1. Critically apply the concepts, paradigms and techniques of corporate strategy to an applied case and real industry and corporate scenario.
2. Appraise and evaluate the role of strategy within organisations.
3. Critically analyse and evaluate competitive advantage.
4. Demonstrate critical awareness of the ambiguous reliability of sources.
—————————————————————————————————-ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES
?Case studies, annual reports, newspaper and business journal articles will provide useful material. Resources are available on IBIS and will be introduced, discussed and analysed in the seminars.

In analysing and evaluating the causes of strategic problems identified,
you may find it useful to address the following questions.

? Were the assumptions underwriting the firm?s strategic positioning well founded?

? How well did the firm?s managers analyse the environments of their industries?

? To what extent, did any changing?emphasis in stakeholder expectations, drive the firm’s strategy?

? Was this strategic failure the result of strategic misconception or bad luck (Changes in the business environment, which could not have been foreseen)?

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