Analysis of Formative Assessment-Learning activities

1. A critical discussion of the formative evaluation component of the LES: Learning Activity 1 (Bones of the Skeletal System P.5 to P.17) and Learning Activity 2 (The Joints of the Skeletal System P.18-P.23), see attachment) of the LES: In this section you identify and discuss the implicit and explicit formative assessment in the LES. This discussion will vary, but you may want to comment on the evaluation criteria addressed in the assessment, if the assessment is a match to the goals, etc.

2. You could also comment on any technical issues in the assessment tools that you notice, such as the formation of objective questions or the rubrics/rating scales that accompany the lesson.

Additional guidelines/Suggestions
? Evaluate learning activities 1 and 2 in the context of how science should be presented to students so they respond in positive ways.
? How do the learning activities provide access to factual and procedural knowledge? i) assimilation of concepts?ii) Creating links between learning and the context in which learning activities 1 and 2 is being used.  iii) Do the assessment tools promote self-reflection and provide students with precise, structured feedback?
? Say something about the role of the teacher.

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