Analysis of a Film Review on: The Hangover II

Over the course of the semester, we have been learning how to view the world as text.  Everything that we encounter, i.e. thing, person or place, has some type of message that can be conveyed and evaluated.  One of the most popular “texts” of the 21st century is film.  Films can be comical, horrific, dramatic, and inspirational while conveying to a large audience a message of some kind. Whether large or small, important or insignificant, films are perfect examples of how visual images can convey messages.

The TASK:  In your last essay, you were asked to critique two spaces, and based on criteria, evaluate which one was better.  In this essay, you will be analyzing a film review.  A film review is a commentary, written by someone else, expressing their views and opinions about the particular film or movie.  Your task will be to find a film review on a movie of your choice and to analyze that movie review based on certain criteria.

What is an Analysis?  An analysis is taking a whole or large concept or idea and breaking it into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of the whole concept or idea.  For example, a good analysis will examine what the critic has written and evaluate whether or not that information is useful to readers.  A bad analysis would be a summary of what the critic has written or a summary of the movie.

How to Proceed:  Select a film and review combination from the second page.  Watch the film and read the film review.  You should pay attention to how the critique engages with the film (text).  In writing your essay, you should analyze the review with the following questions:

Who is the author?  What are their credentials?

Who are the primary audience for the text?  Does the publication fit the audience of the text?

What are some of the main ideas/concepts that are discussed throughout the text?  Is there an argument?  Is there an identifiable thesis or main point of view?

What are some of the criteria that the author uses in order to evaluate the film (text)? Are these criteria an effective way in judging or evaluating the film?

Do you agree with the author’s claim?  Why or why not?  Do you find the author’s review to be effective?  Do you have a different reaction to watching the film or reading the review?

Please remember that all these questions do not need to answer within your essay, but they can serve as a guide in terms of how you should analyze the film review.  Please feel free to include another other information that will be beneficial in your analysis.

REMEMBER, this is an analysis of the film review!  You may summarize certain scenes of the movie in order to make your point clearer, but overall, you should not submit a summary of the movie or article.

Putting It All Together:  Your essay should be a minimum of 4 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, and written in Times New Roman.  You should have 1-inch margins on all sides of the essay.  Make sure to staple your essay.  Essay #3 is due on Friday, November 9, 2012.

List of Films

The Hangover or 2


LA Times:

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