American Art Jean-Michel Basquiat

Your presentation should address the course objectives below. The Artist for the presentation Jean-Michel Basquiat. I want you to give me a brief biography, and analyze at least 3 pieces of that artist?s art. You should think of your presentation as a sort of rough draft for your final paper. For an example, see the presentation from week 3 surrounding John Singleton Copley. I have added some questions that may help you along the way as you prepare your presentations. If you have any questions, please let me know.
1. Develop observational skills to understand American art (what can you observe about an artist’s piece(s) of work? What are the elements that you see? What is the work all about?)
2. Understand culture and stylistic significance of American works of art (why is an artist’s work important? What is the style?)
3. Critically examine artworks with which they are familiar (what works for the piece (s)? What is it trying to communicate? Use the art vocabulary to describe the pieces)
4. Analyze and compare art terminology while reviewing different eras of American art (this goes with #1, use week 1 lecture 2 to describe work)
5. Interrelate different art mediums instead of compartmentalizing the different media (are you able to compare one artist’s work to another? How does the medium that artist worked in communicate his meaning?)
6. Demonstrates how artworks are consumed as well as produced in relation to a particular political and social condition (does the artist’s work say anything about society or politics?)

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