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1. Concept creative/innovative/challenging thematic concept of the project.
• Design concept of the project/program/product (could incorporate with the project image and/or logo)
• Vision/ethos (may be in form of slogan) and/or mission statement
• Introduction/abstract and rationale behind the uniqueness in relation to the concept of sustainable
tourism and recreation planning (preferable with sources of supporting data or references)
• Overall depth of research with unique ideas supporting by market gap analysis for niche target group/s
with evidence of good research work

2. Site Analysis: from basic information given by government authorities/ travel agencies/ fieldwork observation,
integrated with all types of secondary data collection (e.g. libraries/ internet/ research projects/ brochures/
various documents)
• SWOT analysis: photography/conceptual diagrams/graphic presentation, and key points of site selection
analysis including potential attraction assessment
• Map analysis with legends of key venues/proposed areas, transport modes and traffic flow lines (separation
between the existing and the new one/s)
• Justification of planning techniques used/applied in this project
• Relevant tourism stakeholders: conflict of interests among various groups
• Analysis of related legislation framework, if any; e.g. existing laws/regulations.
3. setting preferable policy approaches and strategies based on data analysis and case reviews.

4. various goals based upon analysed indicators of sustainability (economic, sociocultural, environmental and

5. planning for whom? For what specific purposes to achieve those goals mentioned above?

6. Master Plans and Strategies (supporting by both quantitative and qualitative data collection)
• Conceptual design and planning of attraction resources (Mapping of built/natural/ cultural resources with
clear/understandable legend, scale and direction).
• Rationale and Description of those proposed attraction activities and facilities.
• Marketing strategies, including suggested ideas of public relations campaigns.
7 (local/visitor feedback/ future conflicts? What could be the possible step-by-step solutions in the worst
scenarios? Who are representatives of all stakeholders? What frequency of the evaluation timeline?)
• expected to present in the form of logical ‘process’ diagram of the monitoring system to cross-check all  stakeholders with time control.

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