a police administrator

* The police practice of using high-powered vehicles to chase speeding motorists has resulted innumerous
accidents, injuries, and deaths of innocent civilians, police officers, and pursued drivers. With the rise of
lawsuits, injuries, and deaths, many police departments are reevaluating their pursuit policies. The
California Highway Patrol conducted a study and concluded that although there are risks in high-speed
pursuits, the results are worth the risks. Some police agencies are now telling their officers to discontinue
a pursuit under certain conditions or that certain conditions must exist to even start a pursuit. Many
departments have been criticized for their high-speed pursuits. Please write a report in which you identify
the core issues of police pursuit, it’s criticisms and defenses, while summarizing what you think we should do
about this issue if you were in a decision-making capacity.

* Patrol is known as the foundation of the police department. Patrol is where most sworn personnel are
assigned and carry out the mission of the police agency. More than 60 percent of sworn personnel in municipal
law enforcement are in uniform and assigned to respond to calls for service. The patrol officer is the police
department’s generalist and foremost representative to the public. Half of the time that officers are on
patrol they are responding to calls for service and/or initiating contacts. The other half of the time is
uncommitted time that is devoted to driving the patrol car in a beat. According to research, this uncommitted
time is not contributing to the reduction of crime or to citizens’ perception that they are safer because the
police are driving around. Uncommitted time should probably be devoted to activities with more specific
objectives than routine patrol. .Please write a report in which you identify the core issues of about police
patrol, whether it is effective in reducing crime or not and what can be done to improve it. You should
approach your report as if you were in a decision making capacity or trying to influence someone who has to
make a, sensible, and efficient decision on how to structure police patrol in their department.



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