ent in (ABC groups) FMCG divisions

ent in (ABC groups) FMCG divisions
submit a research on Impact of credit risk on cash management in
(ABC groups) FMCG divisions (Finance area) with 14,000 words by July 2016.
According to the proposal which I have submitted, it is a comparative study of ABC group FMCG divisions. The quantitative method should be applied to analyze using secondary data of three major FMCG division’s of ABC groups financial statements for the period of 4 years and should be tested applying statistical analysis(Eg :regression, correlation and various statistical analysis)

Aim and Objectives
The aim of the study is to analyze the ABC Group FMCG divisions Cash Conversion cycle, Cash holding, Cash Flow and credit worthiness during the period of 2011 to 2014.Moreover, for this study ABC’s three major FMCG divisions financial statements to be considered to analyze.

The more specific objectives of the research are;

• To design an effective cash management policy for smooth cash procurement and disbursement of ABC FMCG divisions
• To identify the level of working cash balance of ABC and how to maximize the unused funds.
• To identify the cash conversion cycle of ABC FMCG divisions with the support of RCP, ICP and PDP through the technique of ratio and other statistical analysis tools.

The following are the research questions:
• Do credit risk impact ABC’s cash management?
• How does ABC could improve their cash conversion cycle?
• How does creditworthiness impact ABC liquidity and profitability
Project should be unique and descriptive method with Harvard referencing.

The thesis should contain the following.

• Problem formulation
• Literature review
• Research approach
• Conclusion and recommendation