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Organizations are not only successful because of a brand or an idea. They are successful because their leadership understands the importance of analyzing every part of the organization. This ensures that balance and control measures are aligned to their mission statement and organizational goals in order to achieve their highest level of success in their competitive markets. In this assignment, you will apply research skills to identify, analyze, and assess the success of a Fortune 500 Organization.

Choose a Fortune 500 company and write a brief history of the organization. Then, elaborate on -what type of human relationship structure the organization promotes.

-What type of customer does the organization target for products and services?

-What communication strategies are being used? Are they effective?

-Explain what can be done for improvements in their strategies.

-Explain how they select their teams in order to be successful.

-What are their methods to develop managerial decisions?

-Where does the organization rate within their industry?

-Summarize your views on organizational performance based on human capital.

-Explain your recommendations for improvements of the organization’s practices.

-Is the organization operating in an effective manner?

-Are they operating in an ethical manner?

It is highly encouraged that students select their Fortune 500 companies during the first week of class in order to have ample time to perform excellent research, become familiar with the APA style, and complete the paper on time. Again, the Individual Assignment it is due at the end of Module 7. Failure to submit this paper on time will result in a zero grade for the Assignment.



The individual assignment must be 8-9 pages in length, not including the cover sheet or reference page. You must use 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Three or more references must be listed in APA Format on a page at the conclusion of the assignment.

The Individual Assignment will be graded using the Individual Assignment rubric. Please use the rubric as a guide toward successful completion of this assignment


Please, please, please, follow the rubric and answer the questions that on the top of the paper during the paper and please do not miss any one. She is very picky about the rubric and the questions.

We are using this book, in case if you want to get some information what is the class about and use some information from the book as a reference, which I like if you can use at least two references from this book.

Human Relations for Career etc Edition: 10th

Author: Dubrin

ISBN: 9780132974400

Copyright: 2014

Publisher: Pearson


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