principle of marketing 2

| December 24, 2015

DQ. This question must be answered in a 150 word count.
Most of us have favorite brands or products that we wouldn’t swap for any other. Given what we now know about why we buy what we buy, what

do your favorite brands say about you? (Please think deeply about the meaning behind your consumer decisions and the way your favorite

products reflect your personality, as well as your needs.) For this and all other Discussion questions, post your initial response (150 –

250 words), and reply to at least TWO classmates’ postings with a minimum of 75 words. Be sure to utilize in-text citations when using

supplemental research, including the textbook.
DQ. Answer here
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Read the Chapter 2 study: Jay Minkoff, a Decision Maker at First Flavor Inc.
Answer each question in 200 – 350 words. A total of 800 word min.

1. Summarize the company’s offerings, and identify its dilemmas.
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2. Read the detailed description of First Flavor, Inc. at

Discuss their mission and marketing objectives, and the role of a situational analysis in the company’s success.
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3. Explain the importance of a solid but flexible business plan for First Flavor, Inc.
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4. As a marketing manager for Flavor Strips, Inc., what other strategies might the company choose to explore?
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