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| December 24, 2015

The essay title is “Is Marxism the best resource for understanding anti-austerity politics in contemporary Europe?”

Please aim for 80 + in the essay, a very high first. Use around 20 sources for this essay, of high quality book or academic journal

sources. I will be uploading sources and referencing books for you to use. Please use other sources through your own research too. If you

are to use any internet sources, please only use a maximum of 5.

This course is centred on Marxist political theory so you will find Paul Cammack, David Harvey, Bonefield and Holloway along with other

thinkers very useful in your essay, sources of which are being uploaded to the dashboard. Please use Chicago referencing style and double

space the work and use 12 size font.

For example, if you are to reference Chicago style with footnotes, use this format:

Alfredo Saad-Filho (2003), “Value, capital and exploitation.” In Anti-capitalist: A Marxist Introduction, ed. Alfredo Saad-Filho

(Sterling, VA: Pluto Press), pp. 34.

For bibliography, please use this format:

Saad-Filho, A (2003). “Value, capital and exploitation.” In Anti-capitalist: A Marxist Introduction, ed. Alfredo Saad-Filho, (Sterling,

VA: Pluto Press), pp 27-41.
In regards to this specific essay, anti-austerity politics and its analyses in Europe should centre on movements in Greece, Spain and

elsewhere in Europe, with Marxist political theory as a use of analyses and critique of capitalism and austerity measures with economic

analyses from Keynes too, however, left wing Marxism itself should be critiqued too. Your main augment should however be on the side of

Marxism, but if you wish to argue the other way around (on the side of capitalism and that Marxisim is not the best resource), this is

fine. Arguments should definitely focus on class struggles. Please have your argument set out from the beginning introduction, in your

analyses and all the way to your conclusion.

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