Police-Community Relations

| December 22, 2015

There are two parts or sections to the final learning assessment. Both of these should be combined into a 6 page research paper.

Part 1—Police-Community Relations Plan: Assess the current state of police-community relations in the town or city where you live and

then recommend solutions for any existing conflict or tensions by developing methods for improving police-community relations.
Part 2—Current and Future Trends: Evaluate current and future trends in police-community relations by responding to the following

Assess whether the current trend in criminal justice is toward the politically conservative or liberal. Hypothesize what the

likely effect of this trend will be on the system.
Argue what changes are likely to occur in the balance between “service” versus “crime prevention” for police-community relations

Hypothesize what the shift from the Medical Model to the Justice Model will mean for the police, courts, and corrections in the


Utilize library and internet resources as needed. Cite any sources used within the paper according to APA format and list them on a

separate references page at the end of the paper (Note: The reference page does not count toward the minimum page requirement).

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