| December 19, 2015

1) Consider one of the images from the “Final Essay Images” folder (under the useful links button).

Answer the following questions:
1. Present what you take to be the best category for understanding this artwork.
2. Discuss its standard, variable and contra-standard (if any) features.
3. Provide an interpretation and appreciation of this work based on the features listed in (2) and based on your category in (1). This

interpretation should include the work¹s socio-political commentary (also based on the features listed in (2) and the category in (1).
4. Present what you take to be the best definition of art for understanding this artwork (as you have interpreted and appreciated it in

(1-3). Be sure to explain why your proposed definition is particularly suited to the work’s features or interpretation (or both).

please reference induing intext referencing, make sure you have read all the reading materials provided before writing this paper.

image 1 and 2 are added to this email and image 3 and 4 are accessible through this links

image 3

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