Personality Psychology

| December 21, 2015

Pick a “fictional” movie, television, or book character, and describe his/her personality from ONE of the following perspectives:
cognitive and behavioural
First, briefly describe the movie/television series/book and introduce the character.
Next, use subheadings to make it very clear as to the perspective you are describing (i.e., psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral,

humanistic, trait). Please note, it may be difficult to integrate concepts from the humanistic existentialist perspective. From the trait

perspective, you can describe both the normal (e.g., Big Five) and abnormal (personality disorders – if applicable) aspects of

Highlight the significant terms associated with each of the above paradigms. For example, in discussing the character from a

psychoanalytic perspective, you will stress important terms such as “the unconscious,” “the id,” “the ego,” “the Super Ego,” “defenses,”

and so forth.
Demonstrate your working knowledge of critical thinking by doing any of the following: compare/contrast your chosen perspectives with

another perspective of your choice, offer an evaluation of your theoretical perspective, or analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your

chosen theoretical perspective.
Summarize your discussion at the end of the paper.
Make sure you cite all peer-reviewed sources you use to write your case study as well as referencing your textbook, and the

movie/television series/book.
Similar to all other assignments, the paper will be in APA format.
The body of the paper will be approximately 10-12 pages long.

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