old testament

| December 31, 2015

Assignment Requirements
•Research one (1) book from within the Old Testament that is of personal interest to you and this course.
•Your essay is not be a sermon or a listing of verses, or simply a detail of the book. Rather, you will want to approach it in a scholarly manner to include such things as the dating of the book, writer, type of literature, purpose, main themes, academic issues of debate found among scholars, and the religious use and application of it for today.
•Six to eight (6-8) pages of text, not including the Title Page and the Works Cited Page.
•You will want to use a minimum of five (5) resources from a variety of sources
You will want to use at least 11-12 fonts that are double-spaced .
•You will want to use good grammar, writing and research techniques, MLA Citation Formats, write from the third person perspective to avoid the use of “I”, avoid the use of contractions, and provide a scholarly approach to your topic.
•Remember – a research essay seeks to find out what others have to say about your thesis which will either prove or contradict your hypothesis. You need not seek a solution that you have found or developed. Avoid the use of the first person (I) in your writing.

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