| December 22, 2015

Assignment Instructions
This assignment involves 2 or 3 steps depending on your test score:

Step 1: Take Test 3 in MyMathLab.

Step 2: Write a brief “review” of the test. Examples might be: “I thought this was a fair test of the material” or “I thought this was

much harder than the homework” or “We never covered the material on questions 5 and 6”

Step 3: Scoring

Your test score will be your score for this assignment.

If you got 100% on the test, that’s all you need to do.

If you did NOT get 100% on the test, review your test (see attachment on how to review exams) and then write a detailed analysis of your



#5 – I made sign mistakes. I need to review the rules for working with signed numbers.

#10 – careless mistake – I added wrong

#15 – My answer looks exactly like the correct answer but I didn’t get credit – can you check this?

#20 – I don’t understand how to calculate slope.

#21 – I have reviewed the homework and the Practice Tests and I don’t see any problems like this one.

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