| December 22, 2015

1. Identify and analyze social media engagement of these companies

o What do they use social media for (pr, sales crm, etc.…)?
o When did they start using it?
o How many followers the have or other indicators
o SWOT visa-a-visa social media engagement (add with what’s written explain more in a paragraph)
o Problem identification

2. Target marketing (identification of agency clients)
3. Logo, tagline, trademark character (explain clearly and consistently presented)

o Budget 5 million
o Get the price list of the advertising medium cost as per.

o Research findings and budget considerations must drive the media mix recommended for the campaign.
o The complain budget is established by the client or sponsor its important that you spend all the money yet do not go over the budget
o Media mixing is an important strategy in marketing in order to create a synergy between the various media

Deliverable two is a continue to the previous report about Facebook b2b, however everything should be explained clearly not in general in

a paragraph with examples.

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