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Final Project
PowerPoint Length: 15-20 slides
Develop a gap analysis, strategic plan, and stakeholder needs assessment for a human services organization, which you will create.

Following the bulleted guidelines below. PowerPoint presentation of 15-20 slides. Include a 5-page executive summary with your PowerPoint

presentation that will include all resources and explanatory notes, formatted in APA style.

• 1. Describe the organization you selected, including its mission and vision.

• 2. Complete a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. This should be completed by conducting phone

interviews with representatives and/or directors from the organization. The representative should be someone who occupies a key role in

the organization and is involved in developing strategic plans that the organization has undertaken or is aware of these plans.

• 3. Complete an environmental scan of competitors, community capacity, and need for services provided by the organization.

o 4. Determine competitors by interviewing one of the following within the organization your group selected: director, chief

executive officer, donors, or volunteers. Be sure to select an individual who is an integral part of the organization.
o Interview donors or volunteers from at least three of the your organization’s competitors
o Describe information about services that competitor organizations offer.
Complete a gap analysis to demonstrate existing gaps in service.

o 5. Create a comparative table using Microsoft Excel or equivalent that illustrates the similarities and differences among the

organizations (services, policies, clientele, etc.).
o Include in your table the values, mission, and vision of each competitor organization.
o Based on your analysis, explain the gap in services that exists for your Final Project organization.
6. Construct the strategic plan.

o 7. Outline a strategic plan that is beyond the scope of the organization’s current strategic plan.
o Identify four to five strategic goals of the organization.
o Explain strategies to carry out the strategic goals you identified.
o Identify and explain performance milestones based on the strategic goals set.
o Explain metrics (measure of success and how you measure success).

8. Complete stakeholder needs assessment.

o 9. Identify two stakeholders related to your Final Project organization.
o Develop a survey of five questions for each stakeholder to identify and assess stakeholder needs.
Final Reflection

o 10. Explain what skills you gained from completing the Final Project.
o Identify any areas in which you can improve as a human services administrator.
o Explain how you plan to continue to develop as a human services administrator, including continuing education, affiliation with

professional organizations, etc.

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