Islamic State

| December 22, 2015

Research Paper;
The length of paper is 4000 words, excluding cover page, table of contents, footnotes / references and bibliography.
2. Paper’s format and content: all of the following segments are indispensable
• Table of Contents [headlines; roadmap for your reader]
• Introduction [problematic/question that paper is to answer; what to expect in the paper; 1 page]:
• Development / analyse part [body of the paper where arguments are made to prove your hypothesis]:
 Historical Background
 Current Situation
 Perspectives [what to expect]
• Conclusion [recap and your ideas]
• Footnotes [information emanating from different sources used/mentioned in the text]
• Following the protocols, footnotes should be accurate and complete.
• References: at least 3 books, plus scientific articles and credible websites of recognised agencies/organisations/individuals.
• 1, 15 lines; 12 Font size; Times New Roman.
Title of the Paper:

Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) or The Islamic State (also known as ISIS and ISIL)

Main Points to be listed, discussed and analysed in the Paper (plus Introduction and Conclusion):
• ISIS’s origin and history

Give an introduction about “Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS)” their origin, and history, their mission and other. Give a counter

arguments (two opposite points of views) is very important.
• 700 words.
• Four references. ( at least one book).
• 1 map.
• Stages of development
Analyse how this terrorist group has been developed since 2006 and before and by home, their supporter (governments, other terror groups,

individual, inelegance agencies) if any in every stage. Mentioned the other terrorist group who aligned with them like Boko haram in

Nigeria, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, Ansar Al-Sharia (Libya) and others. Give a counter arguments (two opposite points of views) is very


• 700 words.
• Four references (at least one book).
• 2 maps
• ISIS’s weapons, members, resources and Strengths

Write in details about the above mentioned points (ISIS’s weapons, members, resources and Strengths), oil and gas revenue and to whom be

sold, other resources, and mentioned that when ISIS took over around 460 million US Dollar from central bank in Iraq in 2014 which made

this terrorist group the richest terror group in the world. Give a counter arguments (two opposite points of views) is very important.
Also mentioned from where ISIS get their needs of telecommunication services and how in Iraq and Syria.
Mentioned from where they arm them self and kind of weapons, and the possibility of having weapons of mass destruction.
Their use of social media (twitter, YouTube and Facebook) as an effective way to expand and market them self and influence the youth to

join them.
Mentioned the countries and governments who support ISIS financially like Qatar and Saudi Arabia

• 900 words.
• Four references.
• 1 map
• ideological reference of the group, its intellectual guide(s), Wahhabi origin,

This is the most important part
Talk about the reference of this group, their guide, their values and believes, and their relation to wahhabism and Wahhabis. Give a

counter arguments (two opposite points of views) is very important.

• 1100 words.
• Seven references ( at least two books).

• The challenges that ISIS represents to the international peace and security

This is the second most important part

Describe the challenges and fears that ISIS represent to the international peace and security, talk about the coalition against ISIS since

2014, the superpower countries efforts to counter ISIS. Give a counter arguments (two opposite points of views) is very important.

 800 words.
 Six references.(at least two scientific journal)
 1 map

At least 24 academic references (books, Journals and others) , and have to take the below listed references:

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