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Assignment Brief for First Assignment worth 50% of Module Grade
DEADLINE is 11th January 2016 at 9am via Turnitin drop box.
Word Count is 2,500 (not counting table of contents, appendices and references). Exceeding the word count will be penalised.
You are requested to produce a consultancy report for a company of your choice which intends to pursue an internationalisation strategy regarding expansion into a particular country. In this report, you are only required to examine the business environment that affects the decision makers in the company about the choice(s) which they could make. You are to write this as a professional consultancy report suitable for a REAL business environment.
Your report should be based broadly upon the work that is covered during your taught sessions and it should also build upon the reading materials covered in your core textbook and other materials. Further research beyond core material and taught sessions is required.
The report should have the following parts:
1. An executive summary where only the key findings and recommendations of your report are presented. (5% mark)
2. A clear analysis of the key global trends affecting the current and future developments of the industry or sector relevant to the company which has sought your advice. These trends could include issues such as demand, competition, supply costs, technological changes, environmental factors as well as key regulatory economic and geopolitical factors; (40% mark)
3. A clear analysis of the relevant domestic factors in the targeted country in terms of demand, competition, costs, regulations, cultural, political and ethical issues and other specifically relevant factors.
(40% mark)
4. A set of actionable recommendations based on parts 2 and 3 of your report. (15% mark)
Your analysis must reason from the general (global/regional) to the particular (targeted country). This is deductive reasoning and must be applied. The crux of your arguments will rest on how well you execute this.

You are expected to use relevant statistical data from any reliable source and use appropriate diagrams and other illustrations to support your analysis.
It is important that you choose for your analysis only those issues or trends that make a differential impact on the industry or sector concerned and avoid presenting a long list of any factors that might have some relevance – avoid irrelevant factors. You must avoid simple description! The emphasis is on those issues that could have strategic implications for the decision makers in the company concerned.
The writing style should be incisive, factually based and focused on the subject company.
You must formulate clear and articulate arguments that must be substantiated with evidence.
You must take into account the knowledge of your reader and avoid tutorial type explanations or general unfocused commentary.
Word limit is 2500 words in total. Table of contents, bibliography and appendices are not included in the word count. The number of words should be indicated at the end of the assignment. You should ensure the assignment is presented after spell checking and proof reading. Clear referencing in the text will be expected with a list of references at the end of the assignment. It is required that you use the Harvard System. Marking criteria are based on the criteria set in the postgraduate credit framework as stated below.

Marking Criteria
Work that demonstrates a limited or lack of understanding of the topic and has errors and/or omissions
The report reveals a very substantial misunderstanding of the material covered
It shows little understanding of the main aspects of the course
There are serious errors of fact and judgement
No clear citing of sources and presents opinion as fact without supporting evidence The report has a lack of structure and poor synthesis of source material
There are very poor presentation and written skills
Work that demonstrates a sound and above average level of understanding of the topic. No serious errors or omissions
The layout of the report is clear and concise
The information contained can be very easily understood
The report demonstrates a very good understanding of all the questions set
All the main sources are clearly referenced and well summarized
The report has a clear structure with coherent arguments and a comprehensive overview offered. There are only minor errors of fact and argument
Presentation and written skills are very good
Work of distinguished quality that demonstrates an authoritative grasp of the topic. Evidence of ability to synthesize complex material and think analytically
• The layout of the report is completely clear and concise
• The presentation of the information shows some originality in approach
• There is an excellent understanding of all aspects of the report
• The answers are complete and very convincingly argued
• All major sources are clearly referenced and well summarised
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