Impacts of Oil Production in the Developing World

| December 21, 2015

Assessment Brief

The Regular Assignment requires you to engage with the debates on the impacts of oil&gas production in petroleum-dependent developing

countries. In preparing for the debate data should be gathered from the group’s independent research with specific illustrative examples

from as many oil and gas producing developing countries as possible and should be presented using a range of theoretical frameworks and

methods covered in units 1-5 of this module.
Debate Motion
Debate: Petroleum-producing developing countries stand to benefit more by doing business with China and India as against Western


Group 4 is Negative (opposes/contests the motion)
Further Information
• The Debates: Group 4 to contest the motion (Negative). There are three major challenges/tasks for each team:
I. Your Position (12 minutes): Based on a well-referenced interpretation of the motion, present arguments in support of your ‘view’ or

‘team line’ and use this to impress upon the audience a basic statement of why the proposition is true (affirmative) or false (negative).
II. Rebuttals and Cross-examination (12 minutes): You will be given a chance to rebut (or critique) your opponent’s main arguments and/or

to cross examine them (Q&A).
III. Closing Statements (2 minutes): Each team will make a brief closing statement.
To be submitted at the time of the debate:
1. Hard Copy of your Position Paper (maximum 3 A4 pages). This handout should clearly summarize your key arguments, the contributions of

each group member and a list of the most relevant references Harvard style. It should also indicate your Group Number, Names and ID

numbers of group members.

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