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| December 30, 2014

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Adult Learner Interview Assignment

HRD 489
Adult Learners in Higher Education and Training
Adult Learner Interview Assignment – ALL Students
Due to the Instructor

Your Task

To identify an adult learner, interview them about their learning experiences, and write a detailed account of your discussion.

Who is an Adult Learner?

Anyone who fits the characteristics of adult learners, as defined by any of the ‘measuring sticks’ we have used in class (please use adults 25 years of age or over).  Preferably, this will be a person who has had a recent experience in an adult learning situation (a class, a training session, etc.).


After you have identified an individual, compose a set of questions related to their learning as an adult.  Some examples might be:

•    Give me a brief background of yourself.
•    What adult learning activities have you participated in?
•    What was the nature of these activities?
•    Why did you pursue these activities?
•    What was the outcome of the activity?
•    How are adult learning activities you participate in different from those you were involved in as a child?
•    What is important to you as an adult learner – someone who participates in adult learning activities?
•    What barriers to learning do you encounter as an adult?
These are only suggestions – you are free to inquire about any concept or idea that relates to the individual’s unique experiences, but you need to ask them at least five questions.


•    Write about your discussion in any manner you choose.  You may wish to list your questions, with the individual’s response immediately following, or you may paraphrase what was said in paragraph form.  Give the reader of the paper some background information about the person (age, vocation, type of learning experience they are presently having, etc.).
•    Identify at the end of the paper what learning style you think this person had (auditory, visual, kinesthetic)
•    Identify at the end of the paper what learning theory (from the textbook or lessons) you think would work best with this person.
•    This paper should be a minimum of three full pages of text, typed, double-spaced with a title page for 489 students
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HRD 489


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