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Assessment Task
Weighting (%) CILOs / CILLOs
Individual written essay: Write a critical analysis of selected literary samples, discussing their appeal to children.
CILO1, 2

1. Choose two texts of children’s literature on a similar theme (or by the same author). They can be of the same or of different genres. At least one of the texts should not have been discussed in class thoroughly.(For your information, Number the Stars by Lois Lowryand Magic fingerby Roald Dahlhave been discussed in class)

2. Write up a critical analysis on the texts. Discuss / compare how the texts appeal to children. What elements in the books attract the children readers and make their reading experience enjoyable / memorable.

3. It is important that you draw connections between the texts chosen for analysis.You may also discuss how the books contribute to the children’s development in general (e.g. cognitive, linguistic, affective and/or aesthetic developments of children).

4. The following questions may be used as a framework for you to compare the texts. (Please note that these questions are neither prescriptive nor exhaustive.)

Does it tell a good story? Will children enjoy it? Is the plot original? Is the plot plausible and credible? Is the plot well constructed? Is there a logical series of happenings? Is there a basis of cause and effect in the happenings?

Are the time and place in which the story takes place clearly indicated? How does the setting contribute to the mood and atmosphere of the story?

Does the story have a theme? Is the theme worth imparting to children? (Worthwhile issues for children to reflect on may include: caring for the environment, violence, bereavement, powerful emotions such as anger and sibling jealousy, etc.) Does the theme emerge naturally from the story through text and illustration, or is it stated too obviously?

Are the characters convincing and credible? Do we see their strengths and weaknesses? Is the behaviour of the characters consistent with their ages and background? Does the author avoid stereotyping? Is there character development or growth?

Style & language
Is the point of view from which the story is told appropriate to the purpose of the story? Is the language used authentic? How can the texts be exploited to enhance pupils’ language development?

Do the illustrations enhance or extend the story? Are the pictures aesthetically
satisfying? How do the illustrations and the printed texts interact to convey meaning?


An essay (approximately 1800 words) with
• Introductory paragraph providing an overview of your essay
• Body of essay with paragraphs covering:
– Critical analysis of the chosen texts, citing supporting examples from the texts or other relevant reading to back up your ideas as appropriate
– Comparison of the appeal of the texts to children and their contributions to children’s development in general
• Concluding paragraph(s)
• Reference list (The Institute has adopted the citation system of the American Psychological Association, APA, as its standard method of acknowledging and referencing sources. Please refer to the Student Handbook, for details. Use of other citation systems is not acceptable.)
• Appendix (if appropriate – e.g. excerpts from the texts.)

Use of headings other than the title is optional. Traditionally, headings have not been used within the essay itself, but this tradition is changing and if you feel that internal headings add to the sense and purpose of the essay for the reader, by all means use them.

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