| January 6, 2016

Part 1
As you learned about in the text this week, Supreme Court justices are nominated by the president, confirmed by the Senate and serve

for life. Some argue that the life tenure is too long given the length terms often served by justices. Read the following articles and

then discuss your perspective, providing supporting facts for your postition: Should Supreme Court justices be permitted to serve for

Post a primary discussion consisting of 500 words minimum – this posting must contain at least 3 citations from legitimate sources of

information (you may use your textbook).
Part 2
What is plea bargaining, and what is its purpose? What impact does plea bargaining have on the criminal justice system? Many argue that

the criminal justice system uses plea bargains too judiciously. Given the issues associated with plea bargaining, do you believe that

it is an acceptable practice? Do you think it needs reform? Be sure to support your position with evidence. Minimum 2 pages – at least

3 citation.

Part 3
When auditors report on a company’s financial position, they do not guarantee that the numbers presented in the financial statements

are 100% correct. They do however, say they are “presented fairly, in all material aspects.” In your own words, what does the term

materiality mean to you? Is $100 material to you? Is $100 material to Bill Gates? How do you think accountants and auditors determine

what amounts are material and which are not? How much time and effort should be placed to make sure the numbers presented in the

financial statement are as accurate as possible? Min 100 words

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