| December 22, 2015

Discuss what you think it means to be a change agent. Are you motivated by change or do you find yourself blown about by the ways of

change? (150-200 words)


While some of your questions in the COMPLETE section are opinion based, many require research and facts to support your answers. In those

questions, please utilize APA references and citations. Often opinion questions can be supported by research. APA references and citations

should be used to support that as well.

(Answer each question in 200-350 words)

1.List and briefly discuss the six building blocks for Successful change.

2. List and briefly discuss The Eight Stage Process of Creating Major Change.

3. Briefly discuss the 5 Steps of the Grieving Process.

4. If you were beginning a self-improvement effort at this time, where would you start? Physical health, social love, values, occupational

satisfaction. What actions should you take? (Minimum of 100 words)

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