discourse analysis and the representation of women’s in magazines

| January 6, 2016

collect 3 to 4 women’s magazines and discuss how the way women are represented within them. the discussion should include focus upon

the linguistics representations and non-linguistic features.( e.g. visual representations of the sexes)

firstly the introduction
secondly the main focus of the essay
thirdly the aim and the goal of this essay
fourthly the background behind it/ literature review/theory behind it
fifthly the methodology of collecting this data
why got this data and where from/ need to underline words through the essay according to the magazine / systematicity
looking at a word / mentioning how many times the word has been mentioned
using valid opinion
using reliable data/ how truthful the data is
analyse the data that has been collected
use analysis as what is the influence behind it and why this is happening
what your findings
include subheadings in this essay.
use referencing to discourse analysis
you may use corpus ( COCA) analysis if need for the word analysed through the magazine.

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