Critical Analysis of Porter 5 forces theory

| December 22, 2015

• You are required to write an academic Critical Review of Porter 5 Forces Theory
• You are not required to make your own judgement, you are the researcher pulling together different thoughts and strands espoused

by a range of academics.
• It should be written in the third person.
• It should explain ‘why should we accept this theory’ by considering from some academic journals and books.
• Identify the advantage and disadvantage of Porter 5 Forces theory
• Find the challenges and also give recommendation
Generic assessment criteria:
Subject knowledge and understanding: Has developed a good in-depth knowledge across specialised and applied areas. There will be clear

evidence of extensive independent study and thinking.
Intellectual skills – including analysis, evaluation, and critical judgement: Has demonstrated an ability to deal effectively with

complexity, contradictions and incomplete data in the knowledge base. Can independently critically analyse current research /knowledge and

argue alternative approaches. Able to reason effectively. Can independently assess own and others’ work with clear justification and sound

Subject-specific skills – including applications and problem solving: Can independently synthesise information and ideas and offer new

insights/original responses to problems and/or develop new approaches to unpredictable situations. Will be able to demonstrate an ability

to undertake further specialist research.

The word count is around 2,250-2,500 words (introduction, main body, conclusion)

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