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As one of your references please use this book Criminological Theory Context and Conseqences sixth edtion by J.Robert Lilly Francis T Cullen Richard A Ball

M2 – Dicussion: What Do YOU think? Your Perceptions!
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Do you think that nature or nurture is responsible for criminal behavior? That is, are people born with biological tendencies to commit crime, or do they learn the behavior from their families, their peers or their surroundings? Why?

Discussion Tips:

Participate in this discussion by first posting a logical and thoughtful response to the questions posed by your instructor during the first week of this module. After posting your discussion to this topic during the first week of the module, you should return to this discussion area and post at least two responses to posts made by your fellow classmates during the remaining week(s) of the module.
A posting of at least 125-words is usually sufficient.
You should post fresh ideas that are thoughtful and well written while being sure to use correct spelling and grammar. Be sure to cite sources when putting forth opinions and facts of others.

M2 – Overview and Reading Assignment
Topic Overview
This is the framework module. The theories here are arguably the most noted theories in terms of ground breaking questions and attempts to explain “anti-social” human behavior. Students will be asked to first discuss whether they think that nature or nurture is responsible for criminal behavior? Students will also be required to read chapters 1 and 2 in the Criminological Theory text and participate in a discussion using the material that they are reading in the text. Finally, students will be required to submit a written assignment.

Criminological Theory: Chapters 1 and 2

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