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| December 19, 2015

All you will need to do is reply back to these user’s discussion posts in a seperate paragraph (minimum of 1 paragraph) (2 paragraph max)

#1 (bre bis)
In gaming such as Microsofts Xbox One system there is the Kinect device which allows the system to listen and see the user to receieve

intructions rather than having the user be limited to a controller and typing the message very slowly one letter at a time by using the

joysticks to controll a cursor over a virtual keyboard. I use natural language through my Kinect all the time. I can turn my Xbox on with

a simple voice command or interact with a game I’m playing by using my hands or voice to controll my character. This makes it easier on

the user and more interactive and fun rather than solely placking with just a controller. It also allows the user to controll the system

while he or she is away from the system like pausing a movie with a simple voice commad or shutting the consol down. Natural language is

more suitable in these types of situations because it allows for the task to be completed faster and easier than other inputs.

#2 (jam sugs)
A command line interface allows users to directly communicate with the computer by typing in a command. You can’t just type any kind of

word/instruction, the computer only responds to a specific set of words/commands. An example of a command language would be something

like, copy c:\item.txt d:\, which would tell the computer to copy the file c:\item.txt to the D:\ drive of the computer. Computer

programmers would be perfect for using command line interface to complete task and program the systems. By typing a command in the

computer, you can do a variety of commands that will tell the computer to do several specific things by typing it in the command box.

There are many commands that give a great deal of different commands.

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