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| December 19, 2015

All you will need to reply back to these user’s discussion posts as well in seperate paragraph (minimum of 1 paragraph) (2 paragraph max)
#1 (der als)

Tables that are used on web sites can be used in a variety of way and also be set up in many different ways. Depending on what kind of

data the web site is displaying, tables can be formatted to accommodate any design. Tables that have to display a considerable amount of

information can be have the width and height formatted to make the data easier to view. Also web designers need to take into account

whether or not they are going to format their tables using HTML or CSS. The format that is used is going to be user preference or whatever

it is that the designer may feel more comfortable with. All of the formatting options that are associated with tables help make the tables

better because it allows for the distinct information to be displayed the best way it can be.


#2 (gwe smit)

There are pros and cons to using tables in web design. There is a way to use them and a reason to use them. They are meant for

information that has the same properties or values. They are not able to be moved around once the cells are made that is the order they

stay in. However you can design each cell differently if you need with in the table and it does help to place things into rows. There are

things that need to be done that will be easier to have a table in the page for. However, you will find that using a table for layout will

leave you with very little ability to make changes, and format around new ideas.

Padding and spacing can be changed as needed for cells, but one adjustment will affect all the cells made, not just one cell at a

time. Most every change made to a table will affect the whole table so it will all appear uniformed in text and spacing. Some things can

be formatted per cell such as cell size. But those features can not be changed later.

The benefits of tables are great when your page is going to present a lot of figures and information. It helps manage a good

amount of information into a smaller space than writing out a line of text would take in the body of the page.

Many of the things that can be adjusted such as height and width help make for how much space you can use in your page. Often,

nicely done tables make a page look sharp and intelligent.

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